Phinneas Amaranthine The Automated Man



So Lifelike !
A Form For Every Function.
Sproing !!!!
I am fully functional in every way.
Built for War, Tempered by Mercy
My Creator Gave Me Everything, but Love …


  • Superb * Might
  • Great * Athletics * Endurance
  • Good * Fists * Resolve * Weapons
  • Fair * Empathy * Engineering * Leadership
  • Average * Science * Pilot * Drive * Survival


  • Last Leg [Endurance]
    The character may spend fate points to keep standing.
    Any time the character would be taken out by (or otherwise
    suffer a consequence from) a physical hit he may spend a fate
    point to remain standing or otherwise defer a consequence or
    concession for one more exchange, or until he’s hit again,
    whatever comes first. Once the extra time he’s bought is up,
    all effects he has deferred come to bear at once. He may
    keep spending fate points in this fashion until he runs out,
    each time the time limit expires.
    This means that with a whole handful of fate points he
    might go on for three exchanges with no consequences or
    collapse impeding him, and then suddenly keel over, revealing
    Multiple Bruises and a Broken Rib and a few surplus
    consequences – which would suggest an immediate taken out
    result to be determined by his attacker, even if that attacker
    has been defeated in the intervening time!
  • Feel the Burn [Endurance]
    The character can push through incredible pain in order
    to reach his goal. The character can take one extra moderate,
    physical consequence (see page XX) before moving on to a
    severe physical consequence, allowing him to take a total of
    four consequences in a physical conflict.
  • One Hit to the Body [Endurance]
    When the character takes a hit which would roll up, he
    may instead choose to fill in any number of lower wound
    boxes that total the value of the hit. Thus, if the character
    took a 4 point hit, but the 4th box was already filled, he could
    either roll up to the 5th box, or he could check off the 1st and
    3rd box.
  • Thick Skinned [Endurance]
    Requires One Hit To The Body.
    This character just doesn’t feel pain and can take more
    punishment than a lesser man. A character with this stunt
    gets one additional stress box beyond those normally granted
    by his Endurance score – meaning a character with Superb
    Endurance can have a top physical stress capacity of nine.
  • Man of Iron [Endurance]
    The character’s physical injuries roll down rather than up.
    Whenever the character takes a hit which would fill a box that
    has already been checked off, they check off the next lower
    box that has not been checked off. If no lower boxes are
    available, hits roll up as normal. Very simply, this means
    that the character doesn’t start picking up consequences unless
    someone hits him for more than his capacity (difficult at
    best!) or all of his boxes are filled up.
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    Phinneas Amaranthine The Automated Man

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