Lord Byron Abbage III



Only the Best will do.
I simply MUST have it !
Oh, I know him, and of course, he knows me.
Amazing ! I’ll take three.
The Spirit of Adventure calls to me, and I must answer.
Chesterton ! Handle it !


  • Superb * Resources
  • Great * Contacting * Resolve
  • Good * Alertness * Rapport * Resources
  • Fair * Deceit * Empathy * Gambling * Resources
  • Average * Mysteries * Academics * Science * Resources


  • Smooth Recovery [Resolve]
    While most characters with Resolve can keep things together
    under stress, for your character it is second nature, allowing
    him to regain his footing in the face of even the direst
    of outcomes outside of physical conflict. This stunt allows
    the character to take one additional moderate, social or mental
    consequence than normal, allowing him to take up to four
    total consequences of that variety.
  • Unflappable [Resolve]
    The character is simply not prone to fear. While Intimidation
    efforts against him might provoke other emotions, they
    can rarely scare him; he gains a +2 to his Resolve when defending
    against a purely fear-based Intimidation action.
  • Right Place, Right Time [Resolve]
    The character seems to always be in a safe spot, without
    moving in any obvious way. When engaged in physical combat,
    characters with this stunt may use Resolve as their combat
    skill when defending, and may also use it to move or take
    cover (so long as they merely saunter; no sprints allowed).
    To the outside world, it appears that the character is simply
    staying put and unfazed as gunfire and other attacks miss
    him by scant inches, or is picking up his undisturbed martini
    as the werewolf rushes past. Circumstance conspires to leave
    the character undisturbed so long as his defense is not beaten.
  • Grease the Wheels [Resources]
    Money talks, especially in the halls of bureaucratic
    power. Whenever the character is in a situation where bribes
    will be accepted, he may use his Resources skill whenever he
    would otherwise use Leadership instead.
  • Companion [Contacting]
    You have a companion willing and capable to accompany you on your adventures,
    with three advances for you to spend as you wish. For maximum
    effect, you may wish to allocate one of your aspects to
    this contact as well. This stunt may be taken multiple times,
    defining a different companion each time.

Lord Byron Abbage III

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