James Patrick Deering



Taking into account the target’s speed, wind direction, and the curvature of the earth, yes, I can make the shot.
This ? This is a scratch !
I’ve seen bigger.
That will look GREAT on my wall.
This (gestures to his longrifle)? Why this is Martha Ann McGillicuty, named her after another loud, imposing threat to life and limb.
I’ve been stung, gored, mauled, frozen, and baked in the desert … but THAT hurt !


  • Superb * Guns
  • Great * Alertness * Survival
  • Good * Intimidation * Resolve * Stealth
  • Fair * Athletics * Might * Weapons * Empathy
  • Average * Drive * Resources * Science * Fists


  • Stay on Target [Guns]
    Taking slow and careful aim can be done as a maneuver,
    placing an aspect on your target (such as “In My Sights”).
    Whenever performing an aiming maneuver against a target,
    you may roll your Guns at +1 to place the aspect, +2
    if you’ve brought along a targeting scope or similar aiming
    device (in addition to whatever bonuses the scope itself provides).
  • Trick Shot [Guns]
    Your character gains +2 on the roll for any Guns action
    that involves shooting an inanimate object. While this cannot
    be used to actually attack another character, it can be very
    useful for indirect effects, like shooting down a chandelier.
  • One Shot Left [Guns]
    That last bullet has a kind of magic to it. A character
    with this stunt may declare that he is on his last shot, and
    may make any single Guns attack at +3. This is the character’s
    last shot – its use means that there’s no more ammo, no
    holdout guns or the like. The only way the character is going
    to be able to use his Guns skill in the scene is if he takes an
    action acquiring a new weapon or ammunition, which may
    not always be possible. Even the Fast Reload stunt cannot be
    used to remedy this situation; you really are out of ammunition.
  • Quick Draw [Guns]
    This allows a character to bring his gun or guns to his
    hand so fast it’s as if by magic. The character takes no
    penalty for drawing a gun as a supplemental action; if someone
    is actively blocking such an action (see page XX), you
    may treat that block as if it had a value two steps lower.
  • Lightning Hands [Guns]
    Requires Quick Draw.
    The character and his gun are as one; the thought to take
    aim and fire is the same as the action. With this stunt, the
    character may use his Guns skill to determine initiative, instead
    of Alertness.

James Patrick Deering

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