Amarinthia Louise Masterson - Medium at Large



Let me part the veils of the infinite.
The Spirits have a message from the REALMS BEYOND !
I have a bad feeling about this.
You have angered the Spirits, beware their WRATH !
I have a message from your Father/ Sister/ Uncle/ Dead Cat ..
I sense the presence of an unbeliever.


  • Superb * Mysteries
  • Great * Empathy * Rapport
  • Good * Alertness * Art * Contacting
  • Fair * Resolve * Resources * Stealth
  • Average * Academics * Endurance * Intimidation * Science


  • Fortuneteller [Mysteries]
    The character is unusually adept at predicting the shape of
    future events. With this stunt, he may make two predictions
    per session, instead of the usual one.
  • Psychic [Mysteries]
    You are open to the strange and paranormal – though
    sometimes that means letting in the Unpleasant Things from
    the Darkness and other such nuisances.
    Normally, a character may be called upon by the GM to
    roll Mysteries as a kind of paranormal Alertness skill, to pick
    up on the surface strangeness in a place. With this stunt,
    you may deliberately use your Mysteries skill to gain some
    mystic or terrible insight into the occult “climate” of an area,
    as if it were Investigation – using a similar time-frame and
    gaining a similar level of (paranormal) detail.
    This also means that you may use Mysteries instead of
    Alertness when surprised, if the origin of the surprise is in
    some way supernatural, and can even use Mysteries as your
    initiative skill when locked in a conflict with otherworldly
    Used with this stunt, Mysteries can give you access to information
    that would normally be impossible to get – though
    the GM is under no obligation to give you that information
    in any clear fashion. Muddled riddles and vague intimations
    are the mode of the day.
    There is an additional catch: Using this ability may open
    you up to an unpleasant psychic attack by the presence or
    residue of Unnatural Creatures that have touched the area
    but at least you’ve learned something.
  • Voices from Beyond [Mysteries]
    Given time to prepare and perform the ritual, the character
    may perform a real, functioning seance to try to call
    out to spirits dead or never living. A Mysteries roll must be
    made against a difficulty set by the GM, in order to cause a
    particular spirit to manifest.
    Summoned spirits are not under any sort of compulsion
    to be cooperative, and may have their own agendas, but once
    summoned, they may speak through the character with others
    in attendance. At the GM’s option, especially if the summoner
    gains spin on her Mysteries roll, the spirit may even
    manifest visibly.
    Should the spirit be malicious in any fashion, or wish to
    escape the summons, the character may use Mysteries or Resolve
    as his skill of choice when struggling with the spirit.
  • Words on the Wind [Mysteries]
    There are patterns to things that are not always obvious,
    even to the wise.
    This character looks in the right places, and hears the
    right things. Once per session, when he is not otherwise
    occupied, he may request an omen from the GM, and roll
    Mysteries against a target of Mediocre. The GM will use the
    results to guide her decision about how obscure the information
    gained is. It may be as arcane as a snippet of a riddle, or
    as mundane as news that a strange shipment is coming into
    the docks at midnight.
  • The Artist’s Eye [Art]
    The artist is always examining the world for the creative
    hand at work. Even in endeavors which have nothing to do
    with art, he can recognize the elements of personality – the
    “signature”, if you will – of those at work.
    While this does not reveal identity, it does allow the artist
    to determine common traits, themes, and behaviors with
    ease. Whenever making a determination as to the source of
    something (its “author”, after a fashion), characters with this
    stunt may use their Art instead of the usual skill that would
    be rolled. If the character has encountered several products
    of the same person, he may see past those things to the person
    – thus confirming a common source.
    Furthermore, the character’s keen eye enables him to connect
    the metaphor of the artist – his work – with the artist
    himself. When encountering a work of art in any form, the
    character may roll Art to gain insight into the artist behind
    the work, as if he were using the Empathy skill on the actual
    artist (resisted by the usual skills). This stunt may only be
    used once per piece of art.
    Taken as a whole, this stunt allows the artist to make assessment
    efforts against his target in absentia.

Amarinthia Louise Masterson - Medium at Large

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